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Child Center of New York

Company Address:
60-02 Queens Blvd
New York, NY 11377, USA
Main Phone: 718-651-7770
Main Fax: 718-651-7771
Main E-mail:
Job Phone: 718-651-7770
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Company Overview:

The Child Center of NY reaches out across diverse ethnic populations to create a supportive, caring place for children and families at risk. For nearly 60 years we have been a powerful presence in the community—transforming outcomes of lives in the margins.

Our more than 70 programs empower children to make good decisions… establish places of safety…help parents build skills to become better providers and nurturers…and make connections to the community through Early Childhood Education, Individual and Family Counseling, Child Abuse Prevention, and Youth Development. All of our programs—from daycare to crisis intervention—promote emotional wellness and secure attachments to parents and other adult caregivers


About Us

When children and their families come through our doors, we look at them holistically… at their physical, cognitive, social and, most importantly, emotional health. We evaluate and intervene to help resolve each piece of these interrelated challenges and problems.


Early Head Start
Head Start / Early Learn


Individual & Family Counseling
In-School Counseling
Asian Outreach Program
Substance Abuse Treatment for Adolescents and Women
Parenting Classes
Counseling for Children in Foster Care
Single Stop
Home Visiting


Child Abuse Prevention
Parent Education
Mother-Infant Socialization Groups
Consultation to Prevent Foster Care Placement


After School
Beacon Community Resource Centers
Tutoring in Reading and Math
Youth Empowerment
Job Preparation and Placement
Peer Education to Prevent AIDS & Teen Battering
Specialized High Schools
Central Office


Per Diem
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