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Welcome to the Employer portion of MSTjobs.com. As a recruiter, you are looking for the most convenient, reliable, and timely method of finding qualified applicants that match your open job positions.

MSTjobs.com  works very hard for you in finding that perfect match. It does so by making your job posting easily accessible to targeted, qualified applicants. MSTjobs.com also allows you to search and respond to resume postings online. When you respond to a resume posting, the applicant is immediately notified. MSTjobs.com also finds applicants for you by constantly monitoring resume postings. When it finds a match, you are notified immediately.

You will see that MSTjobs.com has much more to offer employers that other Web-based career services. And, all of our services are Free to our employer members.

To get a closer look at these exciting services, select an option below


Easily locate targeted, qualified applicants by searching through thousands of resumes:

  • Use a simple yet complete criteria builder to create searches
  • Find resumes quickly that meet your exact specifications
  • Notify applicants immediately to setup interviews
  • Save your search criteria for later use

Post attractive, easy-to-design Web job postings with graphics and hyperlinks:

  • Use the MSTjobs.com Job Posting Builder to create job postings on-line that are available instantly to thousands of applicants
  • Store, edit, and activate several job postings from a user friendly job postings list
  • Add a graphic (company logo/advertisements)
  • Add active hyperlinks to your corporate Web site
  • Make a more appealing posting using HTML tags within your posting to change fonts and other attributes
  • Preview the output of your job postings as you build them
  • Be notified immediately via email and In-Box entry when an applicant applies to a posted job

Simplify the resume search process by letting MSTjobs.com do the work for you:

  • Automatically reviews new resumes daily, based on searches you define
  • Build as many searches as you need and apply them to specific job postings.
  • Receive immediate notification via email when MSTjobs.com finds resumes that meet your specifications
  • Adds resumes to your In-Box automatically for later review
  • Respond to resumes found with a simple button press

Keep track of all resumes for which you have found matches to your job openings:

  • View resumes that applicants have submitted to you
  • Store resumes from searches you have performed
  • Sort your In-Box listings by job code or any other field for better organization
  • Respond to applicants with one button press

Post your company profile for applicants to view:

  • Applicants can easily find your company profile through the Employer List section, then, with a click of a button, view all jobs listed for your company
  • When your job postings are viewed by applicants, a link is automatically provided referencing to your company profile
  • Display your company overview, type of business, and benefits
  • Add your company logo to your profile on-line with a hyperlink to your Web site
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