Trinity Services

Trinity Services is a private Mental Health Organization serving the Sandhills of NC. Our company provides mental health and Substance Use Assessments, MH/SA Outpatient Therapy Services and Multi Systemic Therapy.

Full time
Trinity Services We are currently utilizing Telehealth due to covid-19
Qualifications:  Bachelo r’s degree in Human Services or related field and 1 year experience with the population, or bachelor’s degree in a related field with minimum of three years of experience working with family and/or youth services.       Preferred Experience: Direct use of pragmatic (i.e., structural, strategic and functional) family therapies Therapy with children and adults using cognitive behavioral techniques Behavioral therapy targeting school behavior and academic performance Implementation of interventions within or between systems in the youth’s natural ecology that affect or influence the behavior of the youth (i.e., family, peer, school, and neighborhood) Collaboration and partnership with community agencies Previous work providing in-home or community-based therapy services     Preferred Knowledge: Family systems theory and application Social ecological theory and application Behavioral therapies theory and application...