North American Family Institute (NAFI)

NAFI has been operating residential, foster care and community based programs in Rhode Island since 1989. The RI Continuum was established in 1994, connecting seven programs in a continuum of care, from most to least restrictive. In 2004, NAFI RI grew into a comprehensive network of nine programs, serving adolescents and adults.  In 2016 NAFI RI joined forces with NAFI CT to create a multi-state, multi-service agency serving southern New England.

NAFI RI includes juvenile justice, mental and behavioral health and family support programs.  Consistency in philosophy and methods in the Normative Approach accounts for smooth and lasting transitions including permanency, reunification, and home based treatment.

All NAFI RI programs are united in our mission:  Creating Diverse and Innovative Services for People.

It is this mission statement that binds all members of NAFI RI, guides the daily lives of our staff and clients, and drives our activities and traditions. Our strong and common belief in the mission encourages all members of our community to remain open to new experiences, be reflective  of their own actions, and mindful of their responsibilities.