Riverwood Center


Riverwood Center has been delivering quality mental health services and programs since 1975. We provide a wide variety of caring and confidential services to children, families and adults with mental illnesses, intellectual/developmental disabilities and substance use disorders.


Every person has an exceptional experience… every time.


Riverwood Center was founded in the early 1970s. In those early years, the State Department of Mental Health provided most of the mental health services to people in Michigan. Back then most of those services were provided in large state institutions, and more than 150 people in Berrien County were institutionalized. Gradually, the state gave the responsibility for meeting the mental health needs of its citizens to the local county mental health agencies. Over the years Riverwood Center has strengthened its belief that people are better served close to home. Today, less than 10 people from Berrien County require long-term care in state-run facilities.


We provide personalized effective behavioral health services to build a stronger and healthier community.


Integrated healthcare means we believe your mental health is closely tied to your physical health. If you receive community mental health services, Riverwood Center will work with your primary care doctor to coordinate your physical and mental health services. If you do not have a primary care doctor, Riverwood will help you find one. Our goal is that together we will be able to meet your needs.


Riverwood Center is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF). CARF is an independent, nonprofit organization that promotes the quality, value and good results of mental health services. CARF does this by setting high standards for services that enhance people's lives. Accreditation shows that Riverwood is committed to high quality care. We believe Riverwood is a valuable resource, and our CARF accreditation proves our commitment to our community.

Full time
Riverwood Center St. Joseph, MI, USA
Therapist- MST Courthouse · Multi-Systemic Therapy Saint Joseph, MI Full-Time; Salaried Posted 10/26/2022 Pay Grade: Union 13 Position Summary Provides strengths-based multi-systemic therapy services to juvenile offenders with a history of severe mental illness, sex offenses, violent behavior and/or substance abuse who are at risk of out-of-home placement. Services are provided to the child and their family in their homes. Prepares comprehensive biopsychosocial assessment, treatment plans and periodic reviews. Completes brief assessment, crisis intervention and pre-screens as needed. Clinicians will develop home safety plans and genograms with each family. Clinicians are expected to complete progress notes within 24hrs from each clinical service. Clinicians will complete consumer court reports and attend all consumer court hearings to advocate and report progress. The program services offered are considered intensive for the high acuity cases, and...