Chris180 Inc.

Since 1981 CHRIS 180 has been dedicated to healing and recovery for children, youth, adults and

families and is a growing $33 million organization with over 385 employees. CHRIS 180 services include:

counseling for the community at large; school based mental health counseling; homes for abused,

neglected foster children with emotional and behavioral problems who are in state custody; supportive

housing for single and parenting young people, ages 17 – 24 who are homeless or aging out of foster

care; in-home services and community programs that strengthen families; outreach, drop-in and

community housing for older teens, young adults and young adult families; a community center; an

adoption program for children in foster care; and, training for professionals, human service workers,

educators, volunteers, individuals who work within the community, other organizations and children, youth

and families. The goal for all services is to unlock the potential that resides in each person to help them

become self-sufficient, contributing adults who have the skills to navigate life’s challenges.