Community Solutions Inc

Community Solutions, Inc. (CSI) is a nonprofit organization that promotes self-reliance, responsibility and accountability for at-risk and disadvantaged youth and adults.  Since 1962, we have specialized in reintegrating offenders into the community.  CSI offers community-based services and programs that are integrated into an overall continuum of services and risk management strategies.  CSI's vision is to envision a world where all people have the skills and opportunities to realize their highest potential and contribute to healthy communities.

Our Youth Services Division is evidence based, trauma-informed, and data-driven.  We work with each youth to improve academic performance, improve family dynamics, and prepare the youth to succeed at home and in the community.  Balancing accountability, community protection, and competency development provides the greatest benefit to our youth.

To support our Youth Services Division we have become a national leader and licensed provider in Multisystemic Therapy, an evidence-based intensive home-based service for youth in the juvenile justice and child welfare system.  In 2004 we expanded our teams and became a Network Partner for MST.  This distinction allows us to hire Experts/System Supervisors qualified to provide MST 5-day orientation, MST approved booster trainings, and ongoing consultation to organizations delivering MST.

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