St. John's Residence for Boys

St. John’s Residence for Boys, Inc., is a voluntary, not-for-profit foster care agency providing holistic services to abused, 'dependent and neglected children ages 9 through 20.

In the course of our work, our aim is to assist clients in resolving the issues that precipitated placement, resulting in a healthy family reunification. For those older children who lade family resources or whose situations warrant a different course of preparation, our focus is geared towards helping our young men acquire the skills that will enable them to live independently.

Mission Statement

Compelled by the Gospel message, our mission of helping children and families in crisis has
not wavered since our founding in 1868. Through the provision of holistic and strength-
based residential education, treatment and care, we dedicate ourselves to the healing,
development and well-being of the children and families we serve, assisting them towards
family permanency and the realization of their own self-worth and full potential.

Full time
St. John's Residence for Boys St John's Home For Boys, Beach 110th Street, Queens, NY, USA
If you lead, are strengths-focused, with a passion for serving those who are vulnerable, we want you! The MST Supervisor oversees two MST Coaches, responsible for provision of in-home/community-based MST for resident youth and their families. The MST supervisor works collaboratively within the social service department providing MST/ITM program with effective implementation of the MST model of treatment. Collaborates with the administrative/case planning/other staff to address support for the program and residents served. The supervisor is responsible for the clinical and administrative oversight of MST staff and cases. Must be available to support the team delivering MST 24-hours per day, 7 days per week with backup from other agency supervisory staff.  MSW or MA degree in a relevant field required;  professional licensure preferred. Significant clinical experience in treating serious antisocial behavior in youth. Prior experience with group facilitation and training....

Full time
St. John's Residence for Boys 150 Beach 110th Street, Rockaway Park, Queens, NY 11694, USA
St. John's is an MST Coach to join our RTC social service department. If you’re looking for a rewarding career that will make a lasting impact on the lives of adolescents and their families, apply to become an MST Coach.  The position details are below: Education requirement : Minimum BSW or Human Service degree required; MSW and licensure preferred. MST (Multi-systemic Therapy) Coach Overview: The MST model of service is conducted in the youth’s community as well as residence. The MST Coach must be available throughout the day to travel to the youth’s home and school for meetings and support with interventions, as needed. The role is vital to the social service department and a support to the departments Case Planners. Once trained in the MST model approach, the MST Coach serves as an advocate, supporter, counselor and mentor for the youth ensuring needed services/supports are established for independent living. Finally the MST Coach will need to be willing/...