Child Guidance Resource Centers

CGRC is a 501c3 nonprofit and the largest provider of children's mental health services in the greater Philadelphia area. We are dedicated to helping families all over the greater Philadelphia region achieve greater balance and wellbeing through our professional services.

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Child Guidance Resource Centers PA, USA
The   MST-CAN (Multisystemic Therapy for Child Abuse & Neglect)  is an evidenced-based treatment and child welfare program for children ages (6-17) and families that come under the guidance of Child Protective Services due to physical abuse and neglect.  MST-CAN is an intensive therapy that provides a holistic approach. Lasting six to nine months, MST-CAN focuses on families, tailoring interventions to the specific risk factors that contribute to child physical abuse and neglect for each individual family.  Major goals of the program include:  keeping families together, assuring children are safe, preventing abuse and neglect, reducing mental health difficulties experienced by adults and children, and increasing natural social support.   The   MST-CAN (Multisystemic Therapy for Child Abuse & Neglect) Crisis Caseworker  provides service coordination to clients displaying severe social, emotional and/or behavioral disorders and their families.  In partnership with the...