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For over 22 years, KVC Kentucky has provided an array of mental and behavioral health, substance abuse and child welfare services that target problems families face.  We positively impact the lives of over 12,000 children and families each year by providing in-home behavioral healthcare and substance abuse treatmentfamily preservation and reunification, and foster care services. KVC Kentucky is committed to strengthening and supporting the well-being and vitality of Kentucky’s children, families and communities through our high-quality, impactful services designed to empower clients by building on their unique strengths.

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KVC Behavioral Health Systems Lexington, KY, USA
MST is an intensive family and community-based treatment that addresses the multiple influences that contribute to serious antisocial or illegal behavior in youth aged 12 -17 years. The MST approach views individuals as being part of, and influenced by, a complex network of interconnected systems that encompass individual, family, and extrafamilial (peer, school, neighborhood) factors. In MST, this “ecology” of interconnected systems is viewed as the “client.” To achieve successful outcomes with these youth, interventions are generally necessary within and among a combination of these systems. The therapist is responsible for engagement (i.e., creating a productive, change-focused relationship) with the family and with other key participants in the youth’s ecology (e.g., teachers, school administrators, community members, workers from agencies with mandated involvement). Similarly, the therapist and provider agency are held accountable for achieving change and for positive case...