Intergrated Family Services, LLC


Integrated Family Services’ philosophy is to implement a client centered approach to help consumers recover from the effects of psychiatric disabilities and move towards self determination through a practical step-by-step method to rehabilitation. We strive to assist clients in coping with the symptoms of his/her illness, minimize the disabling effects of mental illness in his/her capacity for independent living, and prevent or limit need if inpatient treatment.


Integrated Family Services is committed to meeting the individual needs of persons with long term psychiatric disabilities, We strive for excellence in outcomes and are committed to providing quality care and services by hiring experienced professionals who will assist clients in developing specific skills needed to function effectively within their home, school, and community.


Integrated Family Services is committed to empowering individuals and families. We focus on individual strengths rather than symptoms. We teach skills and assist in accessing environment support to meet the demands of fitting into society and work environments.