Evidence-Based Associates

EBA strengthens families and supports communities through the high-quality implementation of evidence-based programs in the areas of juvenile justice, child welfare and behavioral health.


EBA offers a team of professionals with backgrounds in social services, juvenile justice, evidence-based programs, information technology and human resources. EBA’s interdisciplinary team brings more than 150 years of experience in clinical services, public policy and program management.

We offer recruiting and hiring support for our provider agencies in four (6) states: Florida, Georgia, Virginia, South Carolina, New York, and Washington, D.C. 

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Evidence-Based Associates (EBA) is seeking a Project Director (PD) for the Multisystemic Therapy ( MST) statewide Implementation Project in Texas. The PD will be responsible for directing and overseeing all aspects of the implementation of 7 MST teams throughout the state. https://www.mstservices.com/ On behalf of EBA and in coordination with MST Services, the PD will provide technical assistance and implementation support to local community-based mental health agencies (LMHAs) and/or to provider organizations (aka “Direct Service Providers (DSPs)) [1] with regard to training and quality assurance of MST programs. The PD will collaborate with MST program support staff, MST model experts, and the MST Institute. The PD will primarily provide implementing agencies (either LMHAs or DSPs) with pre-implementation support including: the oversight of recruiting, hiring, and all efforts related to MST Workforce Development specific to the statewide project; establishing and...