OzChild staff are dedicated to improving the lives of vulnerable Australians through the delivery of programs and services aimed at providing children and young people a safe and nurturing place to call home. OzChild was one of the first not-for-profit organisations to introduce evidence-based programs to Australia to ensure families are supported by programs that work, not just by programs that are available.

Complementing our foster and kinship care programs OzChild is now supporting children, young people and families with evidence-based and evidence informed programs aimed at keeping families together by strengthening and repairing relationships.

In Australia close to 50,000 children and young people are currently placed in Out-of-Home Care. The reasons are often complex and varied, but the challenge of recruiting foster carers remains. If we can provide families with the resources, tools and skills to safely care for kids we may have a chance at reducing the number of children placed in care.

OzChild also delivers education services in schools to encourage children’s early learning, allowing at-risk children to feel socially included and happy at school reducing their risk of disengagement.

For almost 170 years OzChild has been working hard to provide a better future for those in our care with the belief that every child and young person deserves the chance to shine – we won’t stop until all young Australians are safe, respected and nurtured to reach their full potential.

Full time
OzChild Campbelltown NSW, Australia
What is Multisystemic Therapy? As the Clinical Case Worker in Multisystemic Therapy you will work in a clinical team that consists of a Senior Clinician/MST Program Supervisor and 3 MST Therapists. MST is widely considered the gold standard for treatment of adolescent antisocial behaviour and is utilised in the US, Europe, the UK, and NZ. MST-CAN is an adaptation of MST US model and is targeted to families who have recent risk of harm reports pertaining to ongoing child abuse and neglect. MST provides intensive treatment to families for a period of around 3 to 5 months including specific clinical treatments that target areas such as trauma, mental health and drug and alcohol misuse. For more information visit https://www.mstservices.com/ Your role: Support the MST-CAN® team by providing case management to a maximum of 12 families in the home and the community Reduce the numbers of children and young people aged 6-17 years old in statutory out of home care...
Sep 11, 2020