Aug 20, 2019

MST Network Partner Director

  • Advanced Behavioral Health, Inc.
Full time MST Program Manager

Job Description


The MST Network Partner Director provides leadership to the Connecticut MST Network. The MST Network Partner Director leads the ABH MST Experts in effectively implementing the Multi-Systemic Therapy treatment model, provide training in the theory and application of MST to personnel with various professional backgrounds and who hold a variety of positions including clinicians, supervisors, administrators, and policy makers. The Network Partner Director promotes adherent implementation of MST via support of external stakeholders, MST experts and MST providers within the Network Partnership.  This position will serve as the central point person within the Network Partnership, including engaging in ongoing communication and collaboration with the MST Services Manager of Network Partnerships. This position will represent ABH and its services in a positive and professional manner and adhere to ABH’s best practices, guidelines, policies and procedures as established, promoting ABH as a leader in behavioral healthcare in all interactions and work.


  • Supervision of MST experts including review agency performances as well as system trends or concerns and be available to support the experts when model adherence questions arise.
  • Collaborate with MNP to review outcomes and problem solve
  • Collaborate with MNP and MSTS Leadership Support to review outcomes and problem solve
  • Assist with writing and monitoring of the annual NPIR
  • Attend Network Partner Conference yearly
  • Oversight and support of the TAM Call center
  • Oversight of MSTI and maintenance of the networks
  • Utilize the MSTI website to produce data requested by funders
  • Oversight of quarterly 5-day training
  • Participate in the facilitation of the 5-day training.
  • Process all invoices for MST and all of the adaptations
  • Negotiate and maintain subcontracts for the MST adaptations that ABH serves as the fiduciary for
  • Organize and facilitate the quarterly CT MST Provider Meeting including the workforce development committee
  • Cultivate relationships with CSSD and DCF stakeholders
  • Respond to Model adherence and system questions from funders and providers
  • Attend the PIR review meetings every 6 months
  • Facilitate model presentations to stakeholders and funders as needed
  • Help manage systematic effects of team RFP processes:
  • Facilitate Site Visits with new providers
  • Help new programs develop policies
  • Help new programs write Goals and Guidelines
  • Schedule Site Visits
  • Track Site Visit attendance
  • Use MST slides to educate on MST
  • Complete Site Visit Review document
  • Send all necessary start-up materials to MNP for review
  • Attend baseline PIR meetings in person or via conference call


  • Master’s Degree in Behavioral Health discipline
  • Program development including design, financing, staffing, and evaluation
  • Managing day-to-day operation of a community-based clinical and/or social service program for children, adolescents and families
  • Supervision of professional and administrative staff
  • Coordination of services with other community providers
  • Program promotion and marketing


  • Management and supervision theory and application
  • Basic understanding of ecological and behavioral treatment and systems theories and their application in the field of children’s mental health services
  • Basic understanding of juvenile justice issues
  • Basic understanding of the application of research to program design
  • In-depth understanding of MST philosophy and practice, and the MST analytic process
  • Demonstrated ability to teach and make effective public presentations and prior experience in teaching professionals or graduate students preferable;
  • Demonstrated project management skills;
  • Demonstrated ability to articulate goals, problem identification, assess implications, anticipates consequences, provide resolution and meet deadlines.
  • Strong attention to detail; ability to work on multiple tasks and meet deadlines;


If your qualifications match these job requirements and you are interested in pursuing this potential position and joining a dynamic company, please apply on-line at include resume & letter of interest.                 

  ABH® is an Equal Opportunity Employer


License Required


Degree Required