Jan 13, 2023

MST Therapist

  • Uplift Comprehensive Services
  • Remote (Eastern North Carolina - Halifax, Warren, Northampton Counties)
Full time MST Therapist

Job Description


Change the lives of at-risk youth with a program that is proven effective through clinical trials.  The MST Therapist will develop best-in-class professional skills through training in Multi-Systemic Therapy (MST), an intervention for at-risk youth (ages 12-17) and their families. As an MST Therapist, you will interact with families, youth, community members, and schools.  You will be part of a diverse team of therapists and a supervisor, with whom you will participate in weekly group supervision and team consultation.  MST is an intensive intervention, and MST Therapists carry low caseloads so that they can focus 100% of their time on providing assistance to the youth’s guardian and other key participants directly involved in the care and treatment of the youth. Staff to family ratio shall not exceed 1:5 for each team member. The therapist will implement problem identification, treatment planning and intervention implementation utilizing the MST process and to provide direct clinical treatment using methods compatible with MST principles and practices.

In regards to Multi-Systemic Therapy this individual will serve as a team member with duties and responsibilities as follows:

  • Participate in the 5-day MST Orientation, MST booster training, one (1) hour of supervision, and one (1) hour of consultation activities.
  • Provide direct intervention, arranges, coordinates, and monitors services, that are provided in any location, on behalf of the recipient.
  • Maintain clear and concise documentation of treatment efforts that includes a daily full service note that includes the purpose of contact, interventions provided, time spent performing the intervention, effectiveness, and signature of the person providing the service.
  • Participate in on-call rotation and the First Responder crisis response 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year on an alternating schedule as outlined in the Policies and Procedures for First Responder/Crisis Policies and Procedures.
  • Develop and maintain high familiarity with all MST participants to provide competent coverage.

Flexible Work Hours:

  • Must have flexibility in working non-traditional work hours in implementing MST.
  • Therapist must work flexible schedules to be available at times that are convenient to their clients as a strategy to remove access as a barrier to engagement in treatment.
  • Often families work during normal and atypical work hours, making full family participation difficult without a flexible schedule.
  • A flexible schedule allows staff to adjust their work schedules to work with families in the evening or on the weekends.
  • Therapists may alter their work schedule on a weekly basis to provide better access to their client’s with approval from their supervisor.
  • Therapists will not be required to work within normal business hours but may do so if this does not present barriers to client access to services.
  • Therapists may work in excess of normal number of work hours in a given day, but can flex their time the following days if needed.
  • Therapists have limited in-office requirements and will not be required to perform duties in the organization outside those related to the MST program unless otherwise specified by their direct supervisor or clinical director.
  • Therapists are expected to participate fully in weekly group supervision and consultation as a standard part of their weekly schedule.

Additional Responsibilities:

  • Communicate with community members, parents, and others in advance to promote collaboration the mission of the organization.
  • Will assist with other duties as deemed necessary to MST for continued growth and development of the program and agency.
  • Have flexibility to provide MST in various environments including but not limited to the home, schools, homeless shelters, street locations, and jails and detention centers for stated funded individuals.
  • Take the lead in the development of the Person Centered Plan and be responsible for planning meetings, revisions, updates, and implementation of the Person Centered Plan.

Please Note: This position requires frequent travel. This position will provide services to the following counties (Halifax, Northampton and Warren County)

QUALIFICATIONS: Successful applicant must possess a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in the Human Services field and two (2) years experience with troubled youth populations OR a Bachelor’s degree in a non-related field and four (4) years experience in the human service field OR Master’s Degree in Social Work, Psychology, Counseling, or other related Human Services field and one (1) year of experience with at-risk youth OR a Professional Licensure in the state of North Carolina.

Applicant must possess a Valid North Carolina Driver’s license. Strong written/verbal skills are required. Employment is contingent upon a background check, approved driving record, employment physical, and drug screen. Applicant must be a qualified professional as defined in 10A NCAC 276 .0104.

EXPERIENCE/KNOWLEDGE: Preferred experience in child and family therapy, marital therapy, behavioral therapy, and the implementation of interventions in various settings, including the home, school, and community. Or knowledge in various theories and applications including but not limited to Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Child Development, Behavioral Therapies, or social skills assessment and intervention.

License Required


Degree Required