Feb 16, 2021

MST - Supervisor

  • The New York Foundling
  • Remote (Brooklyn, NY, USA)
Full time MST Supervisor

Job Description

  • Report to the AVP programs and attend weekly clinical meeting to report on cases, staff development, and personal development and coaching.
  • Manage and oversee the assigned model/program by providing guidance and direct supervision for the implementation of clinical services related to the model and ensuring treatment fidelity. Model adequate standard of care for fellow clinicians by conducting best practice with clients through model adherence and regulatory standards from stakeholders.  
  • Conduct weekly group supervision for assigned team to assure adherence to model/program principles and associated analytic process. Assure that clinicians achieve engagement with all key participants.
  • Applies and is adherent to NYF Coaching and Mentoring Model for the program as well as the performance evaluation process.  
  • Dependent on the model/program will carry a caseload with flexibility on taking more cases to meet programs’ utilization and families’ access to service when needed.
  • Assure appropriate and timely documentation of services in all databases to allow for peer and supervisory input, and to meet all reporting and communication needs of funding and referral sources.
  • Assure excellent quality of services.
  • Responsible for referral management of assigned team or program as per agency/program/preventive guidelines.
  • Review treatment plan and incident reports to identify and address risk factors that give rise to possible child removal, ACS involvement, and out of home placement due to continued referral behavior (applicable for all Child Welfare programs).
  • In coordination with the AVP: interview, make hiring decisions, and onboarding planning of frontline staff.
  • Supports all program staff; monitors training and professional development needs. Participates and promotes team bonding activities.
  • Engage in administrative oversight and participate in leadership seminar
  • Responsible for CQI process for the team and responsible for participating in case review process.
  • Conduct supervisory reviews in the EHR system and other funding sources systems as applicable, and document reviews (as defined by program/model).
  • Participates in all Evidence Based Model training, supervision and consultation activities as applicable
  • Abide by the Standard of Care and Responsibilities set for supervisors by any oversight body
  • Collaborate with other agency programs
  • On call responsibilities are required per service delivery
  • Supports the integration of services and regulation (OMH and Managed Care; meeting billable contacts targets: Client SED, diagnosis, insurance) as applicable
  • Provides access to licensure clinical supervision to eligible staff and runs Licensure Group Supervision for clinical staff if licensed.
  • Responsible for ongoing active participation towards clinical licensure
  • Provides coverage as needed for therapist and/or for operation hours.
  • Respond to email correspondences in a timely manner.
  • Other duties as assigned

Organizational expectations include:  

  • Regular and punctual time and attendance, and adherence to The Foundling’s and your department’s specific time and attendance policies and protocol. 
  • Consistent demonstrated commitment to The Foundling’s BHAG, mission, vision and values (Compassion, Dignity, Family and Community, Diversity, Excellence). 
  • Adherence to The Foundling’s employee policies, Code of Conduct and applicable rules, laws, regulations or bargaining agreements. 
  • Appropriate engagement with support departments to ensure appropriate and timely hiring, performance management, investigation, discipline, suspension, and restructuring decisions concerning direct reports.   Regular supervision and performance evaluation of direct reports. 
  • Any other duties and/or tasks that may be assigned. 


  •  Must have a Master’s degree in Social Work, Psychology, Counseling or related subject area.
  • Provisional License required (LMSW, LP-MFT, and/or LP-MHC) 

Other Requirements:

  • Good leadership and interpersonal skills
  • The ability and willingness to work with the consultant and AVP to ensure treatment fidelity as applicable.

Preferred Experience:

  • 1-2 years of relevant experience in evidence-based services, preventive settings, and/or school based mental health services
  • 2-3 years of accumulated experience (internships through post-graduate) providing direct services to youth and their families in their homes and communities
  • Be proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Internet, Email, and Data entry systems (e.g. Connections, Electronic Health Record).
  • Excellent communication skills required.
  • Experience in managing direct service providers who engage with the identified populations or similar population in high-risk court-involved youth either in Family Court or Adult Court, Child-Welfare programs.
  • An understanding and commitment to complying with the New York State Central Register of Abuse and Neglect protocol (requiring staff to comply with promulgated requirements to report any suspected abuse, maltreatment or neglect of any child).
  • Experience with and willingness to work with culturally diverse population, computer literacy, able to research current information on medical, social and legal issues.
  • Direct use of pragmatic (i.e. structural, strategic and functional) family therapies
  • Behavioral therapy targeting school behavior and academic performance
  • Implementation of interventions within or between systems in the youth’s natural ecology that affect or influence the behavior of youth (i.e. family, peer, school, and neighborhood)
  • Creating and following a Treatment Plan
  • Comfortable and adaptable to changes
  • Take initiative and a team-player
  • Strength-Focus and Engagement
  • Accountability and open to ongoing evaluation, feedback and supervision of his or her work
  • Experience with cross-agency collaboration
  • Experience with common clinical problems, e.g., child abuse and neglect, aggression, family conflict, depression, drug use, traumatic events, truancy
  • Experience with clinical management / supervision of staff
  • Skills to manage own and team self-care to prevent burnout
  • Consultancy aptitude, ability and attitude

Crisis Intervention

A thorough understanding of existing federal and state ethical guidelines and laws concerning situation that may occur in crisis treatment. He or she must also be familiar with the organizational and procedural guidelines (i.e. agency mission, culture, administrative structure) of relevant collateral agencies (i.e. juvenile or family court, probate court, social services agencies).

License Required


Degree Required