Oct 28, 2021

MST-PSB Expert

  • MST Associates
  • Remote
Full time MST Expert

Job Description

Job Description:

MST-PSB is a clinical adaptation of MST specifically developed to treat youth (and their families) who exhibit sexual behavior problems.  MST Associates is seeking an MST-PSB expert to provide consultation and training services. The job functions include all tasks and responsibilities required of a standard MST expert (consultant) as well as a strong knowledge and skill base pertinent to this clinical adaptation.

Job Requirements:

Because MST-PSB is an MST adaptation, we are seeking an individual with experience as an MST expert (consultant/system supervisor) or as an MST-PSB supervisor.  Relocation is not required.  However, given the travel demands of the job, the successful applicant will need to have access to air travel.

Specific job functions:

•Conduct training in the theory and application of MST and MST-PSB.
•Provide weekly consultation to therapist teams implementing the MST and MST-PSB treatment model. Consultant will work with up to 8 teams on an ongoing basis.
•Provide training and support to MST-PSB Supervisors on a consistent basis.
•Determine additional training needs of supervisors and therapist teams. Develop. plan, and implement booster training required to meet these needs.
•Serve as a resource to supervisors and therapists for additional materials relevant to their training needs regarding research-proven interventions.
•Coordinate training including scheduling, preparing materials, communicating with customer personnel regarding training logistics, and facilitating all activities required to successfully complete training and evaluation.
•Provide consultation to client organizations, MST-PSB Supervisors, and clinicians on issues related to MST and MST-PSB program implementation.
•Develop training materials as needed in collaboration with MST-PSB Senior Consultants and the Director of Clinical Training

License Required


Degree Required