Nov 03, 2021

New York City ACS ITM MST-FIT Foster Care Pilot Project Program Director

  • MST Services
  • NYC, NY, USA
Full time MST Program Manager

Job Description

On behalf of the Company, this Program Director is responsible for developing, directing, and overseeing all aspects of the NYC MST/Foster Care Pilot Project, funded by the Administration for Children’s Services (ACS). This includes administrative oversight, stakeholder and project management, referral and utilization management, purveyor and CBO support, and data collection. s. In this role, the PD is the Company’s point of contact for the Pilot Program with respect to all local stakeholders (including the funder, MST experts, and others.


1)     Operational Oversight: Assesses project landscape for potential barriers to the effective implementation of ITM / MST-FIT and develops appropriate organizational responses, including but not limited to:

a.      preparing formal reports to the funder and other stakeholders on program progress, outcomes, and improvement strategies;

b.     assisting the Company’s Sr. Director of Operations with budget management;

c.      supporting development of program policies and procedures as needed related to ITM / MST-FIT implementation and monitoring compliance / fidelity to achieve project goals and facilitate successful coordination of stakeholders; 

d.     maintaining a system of administrative policies and contract records to ensure adherence with ACS and regulatory policies, procedures and standards; revising program policies and procedures as needed;

e.      producing ongoing statistical and narrative reports as required by the Company and by regulatory and/or funding bodies; assuring compliance with required program certifications; and

f.      responding to emergency situations as necessary.


2)     Stakeholder and Project Management: Identifies, educates, engages, and obtains the buy-in and ongoing support and collaboration of key stakeholders; and responds to the informational and other needs of the program funder and key state administrators.

a.      Oversees project goals, objectives, and timelines to ensure project success;

b.     Manages the flow of communications to funder and other governmental entities as appropriate. Participates and assists with governmental relations as necessary. Educates and collaborates with local assigned collaboratives, associations, and boards.

c.      Identifies, educates, engages, and obtains the buy-in and ongoing support and collaboration of key stakeholders; and responds to the informational and other needs of the program funder(s) and key administrators.

d.     Supports the Sr. Director of Operations developing long-term sustainability plans and providing recommendations as to project scope and funding levels that would be ideal in order to sustain and grow the project.


3)      Purveyor Support: Serves as a broker between service provider agencies, the ITM developers, and MST Services concerning model training, contracts, and systems; and works with providers and model consultants to promote model adherence and establish corrective action and staff development plans when necessary.

a.      Schedules, coordinates, and attends orientation trainings and booster trainings to ensure high-quality trainings occur and that trainings are well-attended;

Working with the ITM and MST teams, facilitates active review of program data (i.e., PIRs) and of overall team functioning.       


4)     Direct Service Provider (DSP) Support and Management: Builds the network of local, community-based provider organizations (CBO’s) with capacity to deliver ITM / MST-FIT as designed. Together with ITM / MST project leaders, the PD helps to monitor, evaluate, and hold providers accountable for program utilization, model adherence, compliance with program protocols, and performance outcomes.   

a.      Provides budget/fiscal support for providers seeking to ensure economic solvency throughout the implementation of new EBP model programs

b.     Supports/coordinates trainings on behalf of the provider agencies

c.      Assists service providers in resolving system issues quickly and effectively as they arise. 

d.     Communicates regularly with, provides needed information to, and coordinates meetings between providers and funder to address identified site and model issues

e.     Collaborate with providers, model experts, and stakeholders (as needed) to assess factors contributing to decrease or increase in adherence or outcomes

f.     Coordinates monthly calls between providers and model expert/trainer to ensure that areas of non-compliance are addressed, and appropriate interventions have been implemented

g.     Coordinates with Company HR to monitor the providers’ adherence to the Company’s Hiring Manual while hiring, and works with the Company’s HR Specialist to ensure adequate strategies are in place to support staff recruitment and retention


5)     Data Collection and Evaluation Management: Monitors adherence to program performance benchmarks and data collection, analysis, and reporting protocols; and responds to regular and ad hoc program data requests

a.      Oversee monthly data collection and ensure timely collection of all monthly data summaries

b.     Collaborate with ’s Director of Information and Technology to ensure accurate and on-time data reporting

c.     Develop strategies for increasing the provision and use of adherence and fidelity data by providers.




  • Minimum 2 years project management experience with a number of varied projects simultaneously
  • Must have minimum of 1 year’s experience in a direct service and/or administrative capacity with programs and policies for at-risk adolescents and families
  • Proven experience in obtaining the buy-in of different stakeholder groups and facilitating collaborative initiatives
  • Demonstrated ability to coordinate program activities, and the interpersonal and cultural competence skills necessary to work effectively with a variety of service provider, juvenile justice administrators, child welfare administrators, and state policy staff
  • Demonstrated ability to use data to foster an outcome-oriented approach, and support a culture of excellence and continuous quality improvement
  • Experience working with youth-serving systems in NYC strongly preferred
  • Prefer direct experience with or at least content knowledge of behavioral health systems and with evidence-based programs and practices


  • Bachelor’s degree required; Master’s strongly preferred
  • Focus in social science/clinical discipline or policy/public administration with a strong record of academic performance preferred.


License Required


Degree Required