Jan 31, 2019

MST Therapist

  • Health Solutions
  • Pueblo, CO, USA
Full time MST Therapist

Job Description

QUALIFICATIONS: Baccalaureate or master degree in clinical or counseling psychology, social work, or a related subject area with the master degree preferred. Experience conducting individual therapy with children and adults using cognitive behavioral techniques, marital therapy using behaviorally-based approaches, behavioral therapy targeting school behavior and academic performance, implementation of interventions within or between systems in the youth’s natural ecology that affect or influence the behavior of youth (i.e., family, peer, school, neighborhood). Collaboration and partnership with community agencies, and previous work providing in-home or community-based therapy services. Valid Colorado driver license and access to reliable transportation during working hours required.

OTHER: Experience working with a multi-disciplinary team. Computer proficiency required. Must be a self-starter, self-motivator and possess exceptional time management, presentation, and documentation skills. Ability to speak Spanish desired but not required.


  • Is adaptable to change in the workplace and uses change as an opportunity for innovation and creativity
  • Takes ownership of problems, has ability to brainstorm different problem resolution paths, uses sound judgment in selecting solutions to problems, and demonstrates consistent follow through
  • Has job knowledge and skills to perform the fundamental job functions and is able and willing to assume greater responsibility over time regarding the scope of work
  • Has the ability to inspire and model collaborative teamwork
  • Demonstrates an understanding of customer service regarding accommodation, politeness, helpfulness, trust building, appropriate boundaries, and flexibility

RESPONSIBILITIES: MST is an intensive family-focused therapy treatment program for chronic and violent youth. The MST therapist is one who helps increase the parenting skills of the parents or guardian of the adolescent, and aims to change the behavior of youth in our community whenever treatment resources are needed. Services may be provided in-home and in conjunction with services at Health Solutions. The potential for MST clients to encounter crises necessitates MST therapists to be willing to work flexible hours and respond to on-call emergencies.


  • Conduct MST assessment including review of referral information, identifying and engaging key participants, identifying systemic strengths and weaknesses
  • Develop an analysis of the fit of problem behaviors within the ecological context
  • Engage primary caregiver and other key participants in active change-oriented treatment by identifying and overcoming barriers to engagement
  • Implement a problem conceptualization, treatment planning, intervention implementation, case outcome review, and strategy revision procedure using the MST Analytic Process
  • Maintain clear and concise documentation of treatment efforts that promote peer and supervisory review and feedback, and that demonstrate compliance with the nine MST Principles and the MST Analytic Process
  • Demonstrate an ability to engage and collaborate with all relevant systems and key participants within each system
  • Maintain alignment throughout MST treatment, provide direct clinical treatment using methods compatible with MST principles and practices
  • Participate in all MST training, supervision, and consultation activities.


  • Family systems theory and application
  • Social ecological theory and application
  • Behavioral therapies theory and application
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy theory and application
  • Pragmatic family therapies theory and application
  • Child development research and its application in treatment
  • Social skills assessment and intervention

SALARY:  Determined by qualifications and experience                

CLOSING DATE:  Open until filled.

 APPLY AT: health.solutions

License Required


Degree Required