Jul 25, 2022


  • Sheltering Arms
  • New York, NY, USA
  • $55 - $60 yearly
Full time MST Therapist

Job Description

Job Summary: MST-FIT (Multi-systemic Therapy- Family Integrated Transitions) is an adaption of standard MST that provides intensive family and community based treatment that addresses the multiple determinants of serious antisocial behavior in juvenile delinquents and offenders. MST-FIT is uniquely designed to target youth returning from juvenile detention centers or similar placements with added treatment components to increase positive outcomes for this population. MST addresses the multiple factors known to be related to delinquency across the key settings, or systems, within which youth are embedded (e.g. family, peers, school, neighborhood). MST-FIT starts this process by initiating treatment for the youth and the family while the youth is still in placement. Similar to standard MST, MST-FIT strives to promote behavior change in the youth’s natural environment, using the strengths of each system to facilitate change. The MST model promotes personal responsibility, education, work ethic, community responsibility and an intolerance of violence and prejudice.

Essential Functions:

  • Adheres to all Agency and departmental Safety Procedures including reporting any unsafe practices, equipment and environment, and takes an active role in correcting the unsafe practice, equipment or environment through proper notification.
  • Conduct MST-FIT assessment including review of referral information, identifying and engaging key participants, identifying systemic strengths and weaknesses, and developing an analysis of the fit of problem behaviors within the ecological context.
  • Engage primary caregiver and other key participants, including staff at the designated placement (juvenile detention center) in active change-oriented treatment by identifying and overcoming barriers to engagement.
  • Support facility staff with the implementation of Dialectical Behavioral Therapy and other treatment aspects that are initiated in facility and collaborate with the facility staff to have regular youth-family contact as part of the initial treatment
  • Implement a problem conceptualization, treatment planning, intervention implementation and outcome review and strategy revision procedure using the MST analytical process.
  • Maintain clear and concise documentation of treatment efforts that promote peer and supervisory review and feedback, and that demonstrate compliance with the 9 MST principles and the MST analytical process as well as DBT concepts and MI strategy
  • Collaborate with all relevant systems and key participants within each system to ensure their buy-in and cooperation throughout MST-FIT treatment.
  • Provide direct clinical treatment using methods compatible with MST principles and practices.
  • Participate in all MST-FIT training, supervision and consultation activities.
  • Stays abreast to developments in the juvenile justice system.
  • Support the principles of the Integrated Treatment Model with the goal of teaching the young people to make positive, lasting changes in their behavior by preparing them to be self-sufficient through education and work experience.
  • Document all progress notes in CONNECTIONS and all contacts in PROMIS on a weekly basis within 5 days of contact.
  • Engage the family members throughout the assessment process and completion of the FASP.
  • Responsible for meeting required ACS completion dates for accurate progress notes, FASPs, and visits.
  • Provide necessary referrals for families in need of housing, health, mental health or preventive services
  • Provide supervision, if needed, to ensure the safety of all family members. If possible, to strengthen the parental role in the family.
  • Develop and submit weekly email updates to ACS (Administration for Children Services) and participate in bi-weekly case update calls as requested.
  • Participates in post discharge community conferences /Elevated Risks conferences and maintain communication with ACS.
  • Other duties that may be assigned.


• Masters Degree in a New York State Licensable degree (incl. LMSW, LCSW, PhD, PsyD, LMFT, LMHC) preferred.

• Preferred clinical experience in:

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)

Family systems theory

Social ecological theory

Cognitive-behavioral theory

Behavioral therapies

Pragmatic family therapies

Child development research

Social skills assessment

  • MST certified (can be trained when hired)
  • 24 hours/7 days availability
  • Bilingual (Spanish preferred)

License Required


Degree Required