Mar 02, 2020

Edith Zars

  • MST Expert
  • Michigan, USA
Full time MST Supervisor MST Expert MST Program Manager

Personal Summary

I have over 14 years with the MST program as a therapist and as a supervisor! I am looking for new challenges and to further promote the use of MST as an effective and successful treatment of youth and families.

My experience has allowed me to work with over 500 families as either therapist or in the capacity as a supervisor. I have trained new clinicians and brought on board the MST PSB adaption to partner with our standard MST team. Our outcomes were excellent and retention of clinicians was much higher than the average with many working 5+ years.

I can attest that MST changes lives and creates a positive impact generationally. I am immensely proud of what I have accomplished and of the work my team has done. MST is just simply the best approach to very complex family challenges and needs. It instills a sense of order, promotes problem solving over reactivity and affords the clinicians with the needed support and feedback to confidently treat very high risk youth and their families.

I welcome hearing from you and knowing more about the needs of your organization.

Edith (Edie) Zars

Work Experience

MST Supervisor
- Jan 2020 Riverwood Center
  • Supervised team of clinicians for intensive community-based therapy for highest risk juveniles involved with the Berrien County Trial Court-Family Division and their families using the Multisystemic Therapy model and assuring fidelity to the program guidelines and implementation. Recognized for outstanding performance and dedication by the world-wide MST organization twice. As supervisor provided clinical oversight, screened cases for suitability, assessment for agency program referrals and orientation with family for the start of the Multisystemic Therapy program and assured agency policies and procedures are followed. MST is a whole-family treatment approach and is an evidenced based practice under Berrien County Court contract with direct supervisor accountability to the Family Court Judges, Berrien County Commissioners, Riverwood Board of Directors, State of Michigan and to the Multisystemic Therapy licensing body for adherence to protocols and positive outcomes in treatment with semi-annual reporting. Extensive knowledge of the family court process and juvenile justice is required. High collaboration is also required with other stake holders and agencies such as DHS, area public school administrators, physicians, CPS, Berrien County Juvenile Center staff, police departments, Berrien County Health Department and other resource agencies. Outcomes are tracked 18 months post treatment by the court to measure sustainability in treatment gains and viability of the program for reentering into future contracts. Also conceptualized, implemented and supervised the Children’s Mobile Intensive Crisis Team which has been fully operational on 24/7 basis since August 2019. Focus for the Children’s Mobile Intensive Crisis Team was to divert youth from the ER and possible psychiatric hospitalization by stabilizing the crisis, assessing needs and providing follow up services and resources for family and youth. Both the MST and Children’s Mobile Intensive Crisis team required the supervisor to be on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week to provide support to stakeholders and therapy teams. Presentations on both programs are provided to the community and to higher learning institutions in the community as well as support and program implementation to other Michigan communities. Assigned as supervisor of the Functional Family Therapy team with moderate to high risk juveniles and their families and attended full training. Participated in the hire and training of the FFT supervisor. Supervised the Children’s Intensive Homebased program and clinicians during periods of supervisor absences and open position.
  • Fully trained in evidenced-based program implementation and best practices including advanced Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Structural and Strategic Family therapies with the Functional Family Therapy and Multisystemic Therapy approaches. Extensive experience in behavioral analysis, behavioral interventions and safety planning. Over 15 years of direct clinical experience working with at-risk families and court ordered juveniles, individuals and families in crisis. Prescreening for hospitalization and crisis assessment and remediation with 24/7 on call component was required. High collaboration with the Berrien County Trail Court-Family Division on court ordered cases through documenting clinical progress and process in both written court reports and court testimony for juvenile probation, neglect/abuse cases with DHS involvement, adult probation and Friend of the Court matters.
  • Over 11 years supervising intensive community- based treatment clinicians and programs for court referred, moderate high to highest risk juvenile offenders and juvenile sex offenders. Extensive leadership and supervisory training, program management skills, policy development, reporting, training staff, presenting and representing the agency through outreach.
  • Led clinical community mental health response to crisis in the Berrien County 2006-2019 in collaboration with Red Cross, local governments and collaborative agencies.


Mater's Social Work-Clinical
Andrews University